To celebrate International Women’s Day I’m really excited to share some of my favourite female owned brands, all founded by women. It shouldn’t take days like this to encourage us to share the love days like this and I’m going to make a conscious effort to to continue this more often.

I love discovering new brands and now with internet shopping at an all time high there are so many incredible companies with gorgeous and well thought out collections coming into my radar all of the time which is really exciting.

So if you discover a new brand that you love (especially a female owned one), read up on the back story and the brands ethos – if the information provided ticks all of your boxes and you want to support them then tell your friends, check out their product before anywhere else, give their social pages a follow and sign up to their mailing lists through their website for updates around new drops. Lets help these amazing businesses go from strength to strength!

I have selected my top 3 picks from each collection, all with different personalities and price points in mind, as well as sharing the inspirational stories behind how these amazing brands were founded with you.


The Story…

“RIXO’s story began in 2015 in the London living room of best friends, then students Henrietta Rix & Orlagh McCloskey.”

“Our philosophy at RIXO is to evoke a wanderlust & free spirit in all our wearers, filling a gap in the contemporary market with easy-to-wear, feminine shapes and high-quality materials. Always inclusive, always empowering, we aim to create a fusion of original hand-painted prints and timeless silhouettes to flatter every woman, irrespective of age, season, size, nationality or time of day. We hope there is something in our range for you, that makes you feel the best version of yourself.”

Rogue Matilda

The Story…

“Designer and founder Katie Matilda Cary entered into the shoe business following years of frustration at the inability to find the perfect flat shoe: pumps were un supportive, trainers unprofessional and traditional brogues unflattering. Rogues aim was to provide a fashionable, well-made, alternative to all this. With added sass.  Katie cut her cloth in the world of advertising and later as a womenswear buyer at Fenwick. This insight into the luxury world of fashion and communications inspired her to create products of her own that transpired seasons and trends to create one of a kind pieces you would love for life.  At the heart of the brand is a desire to update tried and tested styles, for the modern women, with a signature Rogue twist. With a forever focus on reinventing the brogue for women as a comfortable, and well made everyday choice.”

Watson & White

The Story…

“Hannah and Kari and have been best friends for twenty years, meeting at college studying fashion and textiles. Now in our forties with children in their teens and a desire to do something together – we spotted a gap in the market for a lifestyle site and store for women just like us and our friends.”

“Women who love fashion and style but don’t want to spend a fortune on designer labels. Who love the High Street but want to look different to the crowd. Women who are inspired by other women and how they can style the same outfit in such different ways. Just like us  – two friends who will pick the same dress off the rail, but always wear it our own way.”


The Story…

“The story of Sézane begins with a forgotten suitcase and a love of vintage. Upon discovering an abandoned collection of vintage clothing, Morgane Sézalory began making slight adjustments to the pieces, and selling her finds online under the name ‘Les Composantes’. Her monthly drops, or rendez-vous, became an anticipated event in France.”

“By 2013, Morgane realized she had found her calling: she began supplementing her vintage pieces with her own designs & Sézane was born.”

By Sara Christie

The Story…

“My name is Sara Christie and I have had a love affair with classic style and fashion ever since I can remember. Heavily influenced by my upbringing, dressing well was seen more as a sense of pride rather than dressing in the latest looks and trends. 

My Jamaican Grandma Speedy and my Grandad Maestro met and worked in Kingston Jamaica as a seamstress and him a Tailor.They came to England in 1951 on the Queen’s invite to start a new life in the UK. Along with many others they bought with them hopes, dreams and of course a distinct sense of pride.This was echoed loudly in their sense of style and dress.

Displays of self expression, that bring out the best in you, that elevate you and make you feel beautiful should never be underestimated. “

Dress Like a Mum

The Story…

“‘DRESS LIKE A MUM’ was created by Zoë De Pass and launched in 2015. The campaign was designed to dispel the myth that mum’s can’t dress, with the motivation being to speak to and inspire women not to lose themselves, their identity and energy in the midst of parenthood or ‘middle’ age, plus develop creative sustainable wardrobes for women as they moved through the various stages in their lives.”

“Zoë (a mother of three) lives in Brighton, and is hugely passionate about sustainable fashion. Her commitment for sustainable style came from an early age and has been demonstrated throughout her career.
In 2017, Zoë set up fashion label DLAM. With longevity and sustainability at the heart of her vision, she developed a range of products that include multiple (sell out) DLAM sunglasses, footwear, active wear, t-shirts and accessories.”


“After meeting at Exeter University in 2012, Kalkidan Legesse and Vidmantas Markevicius opened their first pop up store on south street in 2014. A few months later they opened their first permanent shop on fore street, 10 doors down from where the current shop lives. The name Sancho’s originates from when Kalkidan was a child she was lovingly nicknamed ‘Sancho’ by her Ethiopian family.

They found their inspiration for Sancho’s Shop through travelling to developing countries such as Ethiopia where they saw, first-hand, the effects of the fast fashion industry. The low wages, mass dumping, social disruption and environmental destruction affected them to their core. 

“We are realists and we know that the only way to provide the opportunity for sustainable development to millions of people around the world is through jobs.” [Kalkidan Legesse] 

We encourage our customers to ask questions and do their own research, we want to support a community of like-minded individuals that want to know the truth behind their clothing and the effect it has on our planet.

“We couldn’t do it without this incredible community, so thank you so much for being a part of it! I am a firm believer that the only way to predict the future is to create it, and ethical fashion is part of creating a greener, fairer and more equitable future.” [Kalkidan Legesse]
Let’s do it together.”

Queens of Archive

The Story

“Queens of archive is an independent brand run by women, for women. Born from vintage influence and female empowerment we create timeless, feminine, easy-to-wear dresses inspired by a bygone era.”

“We keep our styles current, using bespoke prints and fabrications sourced and designed in-house. We are a big believer in slowing things down. Queens of archive dresses are produced in exclusive, limited runs. We limit our footprint by working to pre-order driven production, constantly working towards our zero waste goals throughout our business.”

“We understand the importance of sustainability for the Queens who wear them. We seek alternatives to a traditional fashion business model, using only plant-based luxe fabrications.”

“We love the hybrid culture of our brand, fusing our three passions of fashion, music and creative storytelling to bring a layered, more considered product. We aim to bring something different to the table of a sometimes indistinguishable fashion landscape.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and hopefully discovered a new brand or two that you love – let’s hear it for the gals!

Love Laura xx