We all have days when lounging around the house in pyjamas drinking tea is just what we need to unwind and de stress from the chaos of everyday life.

With so many of us now working from home, I ask is this way of dressing while working going to provide us with the energy and motivation to perform to our best abilities? Whatever your current situation, working at home or not, a little bit of style and self care can really go a long way in doing wonders for our self esteem and mental wellbeing. You may have found that dressing in gym gear first thing in the morning can help provide the motivation to workout – so getting dressed properly every morning whether working or not should in theory help us to feel much more motivated for the day ahead.

As a personal stylist I am often hired for styling sessions with clients who work from home or are stay at home parents. I have heard so many times “I’m so fed up of feeling like a scruff” and “I’ve totally lost my style mojo”. My mission across the next however many weeks/months is to save the nation from our pyjamas and help us to hold on to our personal style, but maybe just make it a little bit more comfortable!

If you are feeling a little lost with what to wear around the house and you are in the position to treat yourself, now more than ever where possible it is so important to shop small and support small business owners. We have some fabulous independent fashion brands across Yorkshire and I have included some of my favourite items from Watson & White (online), Moo Boutique (Yorkshire), Apparel (Leeds), The Pod Online (Harrogate based) and Katie & May (Headingley).

I hope you enjoy reading my top tips of how to dress around the house in a comfortable but stylish way, and hopefully inspire you to save those pyjamas for sleeping in…


Stick to your best colours and wear them on your top half, next to your face. Colour can be a powerful tool to provide energy and a lift if you’re feeling under the weather or in need of a pick me up. When you find “your colours” it can be an eye opening experience, almost as if a lightbulb has been switched on. It’s all about trusting your gut – if you can see that your eyes pop and your skin glows more when wearing certain colours, then they are the ones for you.


Working from home does allow the flexibility to go for comfort and that can free up space to think more about the job at hand rather than how bloated you feel in your trousers after eating too much lunch, or is that just me?! Look for elasticated waistband trousers and soft fabrics. If you don’t already own a pair, take this as an opportunity to purchase some that will be suitable for warmer months – this way when all of this is over they will be something that you are bound to get lots of wear in over the summer season and all being well for travelling in.


Dungarees & jumpsuits are so popular these days, maybe it’s the ease of not having to think about separates – throw a top underneath and you’re all set. They are such a great way of being able to get wear out many different tops and can be layered up so are versatile enough to be worn all year round. Not only are they comfortable to sit in, they can be really flattering and there is a style to suit pretty much every body shape, it’s all about finding the right style for you.


I don’t know about you but I’m so fed up of having the heating on, not only is turning it off during the day better for your skin, bank balance and environment, it is also a reminder that spring is here and the colder months are behind us. So if like mine your house is on the colder side even in the warmer months, a great way of keeping the chills at bay is a comfortable jersey blazer. Style with a funky t shirt to add personality and teamed with some comfortable jeans or track pants you can be sure you’re ready for any last minute work video calls that may spring up, rather than being caught out in your dressing gown.


Think about keeping your ‘getting ready’ for work morning routine the same. Try to get up at the time that you normally would, maybe you can squeeze in a home workout with the time usually spent commuting? Apply your make up in the same way as you normally would and maybe even try playing around with a pop of lip colour to add a bit of extra punch to your look.

While I often spend days with Laina or working from home, I always find the days where I have applied my brightest shade of lipstick I’m left feeling more energised & productive. A pop of colour really can go a long way.

I hope you all stay safe and well over the coming weeks.

Lots of love Laura xxx